Machinery's Handbook just for fun

don’t quite understand.

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Fun for someone, I’m certain.

What part of it?

That it is “Just for fun.” but decreases morale? Well, telephone books and some maintenance logs can also be read “Just for fun.”, even if they are not enjoyable. It’s just the game’s way of stating that it does not train any skill.
Or does it bother you that it seems like a book that should train some skill but does not?

Self-inflicted non-enjoyable fun. What a strange concept.


I mean, I’ve spent many hours of my life Mining in EVE Online. Basically that exact concept :stuck_out_tongue:


The description does imply that it’d be useful for something. For that matter, phone books should really act like maps (addresses for business), and the veterinary manual should train a minor amount of First Aid (as there’s a LOT of meds like antibiotics that are the same for humans as for most animals).

The idea here is that we populate the world with copies of the book give people a chance to acquire it maybe and then at some point later we can start dropping in recipes attached to the book or possibly even what were calling proficiencies. For example you might need to learn a particular proficiency to use a metal lathe that’s pretty complicated to use.

In short this is an isolated piece of content that we intend to wire into all the other game systems at some point in the future but for now it’s just a book.

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Only if you’ve previously collected a street map for the same area.

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We already have a degree of abstraction in terms of how the overmap works. If that was the requirement, make it worth the find - populate a large area of the map. Phone books aren’t super common spawns anyway, makes sense for current year +1.

Should make it so these rather pointless books give positive morale to players with masochism lmao

It’s a tradeable item. You can read it to make yourself bored, or trade it to an NPC for a good price/gear depending on your barter skill.

I wonder if there’s a case when you might actually need it.