Robot play

What if there were enough cybernetic enhancements, that when you have certain key ones, if you took too much damage, your biological component died, and you had to play the game then on as a robot? It could instantly grant the ugly trait, stats could change to reflect cybernetic parts, and you could have something like a battery recharger (solar, gas, or radioactive), or even make it so you had to have a mod which made you sleep in radioactive zones to regenerate supply/“food”. Diseases and hunger no longer worked, but now you had to worry about running out of power, or even maybe certain things rusting if you didn’t have rain cover, or your parts locking up when it got cold.

Interesting idea; I’d like to see it fleshed out more (if you’ll pardon the pun). As it is, bionics aren’t clearly located within the body, and I don’t think there’s a motion-enhancing bionic so I’m not sure how a mechanized character would move around.

Could work with an expanded bionics system.

Yeah, I was thinking there’d have to be like bionic legs, arms, etc, which normally would provide maybe more strength or dex but less of something else or some weakness, and if you got a torso system, there already exists some mods for eyes and brain.

Or they could be prosthetics. You know, as apposed to crawling through hell! going to the hospital to be permanently mutilated! healed by the horror! machine.

Not sure how I’d feel about playing as a robot glances at biotics page but I’m already there by the looks of it.

Robot centric problems like rust and ice are a good survivalist twist for bionics.

Just a side issue, killing your biological part would be more a decision than a consequence of something happening to you, basically there’d some upgrade only possible by doing so, so it’d be up to the player to take that step.

Just FYI, this kind of thing would be fairly flaky, the game makes some pretty strong assumptions about the player being a human, the CBMs involved would have to manualy disable various parts of the health system for one, and it’s quite likely for new additions to the health system to fail to be updated to keep the CBMs working as intended.