I wanna become a cyberman!

Where there is a bunch of bionics in the game, as far as I know you can’t be 90% metal, with only your brain still human. I desire to be a terrifying robot with laser guns from my hands, rocket feet, fire resistance (I’m made of metal), less need for sleep, and a lot more things! I think I heard that you can replace your arm or something, but I’m not entirely certain about that.

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In game you can pretty much put in any amount of bionic parts as long as you have the painkillers, and the skill to install them properly. you can obtain said bionic parts from a variety of places. Mostly underground labs that you need a lab keycard to enter, or break/explode the entrance open, though you should come prepared. You can sometimes find them in banks, electronic stores, and by butchering shocker zombies and their variants like shocker brutes. I myself am unsure of all the kinds of bionic parts exist so I don’t know if you can get all that you want. I do know you can mess with time somewhat by slowing everything down and pass through walls.

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Oh wow! That’s realy cool! Could you explain to me what else can you do with bionics or mutations?

Well, while it isn’t super useful until z-levels are finished, there are some mutations that allow you to fly, since you have wings. Personally, I’d prefer to just have rocket boots (powered by the blood of my enemies!). I think bionics can give you a larger stomach to stuff yourself more, kinda like the gourmand trait. Mutations can sometimes be really good if you want to scare/threaten NPCs, since sharp claws and teeth are rather intimidating.

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Indeed the whole cyberman thing looks real cool, plus the time travel leaves space to create a story in which you are the creator of cybermen and at least in your imagination feel like you are part of DW universe.
I don’t know but there may surely be like a way to make you run faster so you are like an upgraded cyberman.

At this point I think this game offers the possibility of bein freakin Neo.

Wouldn’t it be great to be a mutant cyber god?

That’s why this game is the best I know, you can do whatever!

I mean this may be only a dream but maybe someday you would be actually able to be a god, with magic and stuff. Maybe a mod. Lol, the mutant cybergod.

Holly molly my head is full of ideas of things to do in the game.

This game is the best.

I’m glad someone noticed that the ‘cyberman’ part was reference to Doctor Who :slight_smile:

In the debug menu, you can optionally mutate yourself to have limits on your bionics for each body part, if you don’t want to be an unstoppable self healing time pausing herald of death.

It’s very hard to find a good reason to use Time Dilation. It uses up ALL of your power, so all of your bionics that need power fail as soon as its time to pay their maintenance cost. And all those extra actions always fall into the category of “Never Enough” or “Too Overkill”, rendering the Bionic either a last resort or too awesome to use.

Maybe if I ever decide to amp the spawn rate up to 25.00 or something.

Agreed, Time dilation right now needs to be reworked a bit, maybe using a percentage of your total max power rather than ALL of it. Right now it’s only really sensible as a last ditch escape when you’re low on power anyway.

–Spawn rate up to 25.00? Even for an expert that seems a bit much if you are starting off a new world unless you decide to debug things or use freeform in character making.
–Also, would 3 months count as thread necromancy yet?

I once used it to happily walk up to a tank drone, hack it, then nodachi my way through half a horde before it wore off. Lategame it’s of questionable use other than as an “OH SHIT” button, but midgame there are some fun things you can do with it.

Also, it’s more viable if you have fairly low power stores but lots of generation or the metabolic interchange CBM.