Robotic Character Idea,

I was wondering if this is possible.
Basically a character that lives off Pow instead of food and water. Possibly also oil needed rarely, or something else.
Basically the character is set up as a plastic hard character with very low stats, represented by special robotic bionics.
Robotic mind = int 4, Basic Servo’s= str 4, Basic Motor control = dex 4, Basic Camera’s = per 4.

(I may edit later to add other idea’s, I posted a full post and my shitty internet didn’t send it through it just shit the bed)

I love the idea of playing something other then a human, mutant or cyborg, I’m sure there would be a quite a few service robots for upper class families, big bulky STRONG labor bots for moving loading and such, and there’s quite a few robot enemies already.
Heres hoping for zombie PC mode down the line!

I remember there were talks of non-standard characters, like clones you could make in labs…

I love the idea of non standard, I do enjoy a cybernetic plant person. Its my favorite, basically never needs to eat or drink character. With solar panels, bark, and leaves, you cut your intake needs massive… and light eater just makes the icing on the cake.

Definitely a few types of robot characters would be good. And they start off very specialized, giving them a ‘hard’ start. Basically the house cleaning droid needs more time, and has a different power intake system then the Butler Bot, or the security bot at the mall… So much possibility

How to Bender:

[ul][li]Ethanol Burner[/li]
[li]Alloy Plating - Arms[/li]
[li]Alloy Plating - Legs[/li]
[li]Alloy Plating - Torso[/li]
[li]Alloy Plating - Head[/li]
[li]Internal Storage[/li][/ul]

Baby steps. Full robot mode seems like more than the current system can support… but a cyborg that needs power to live (say, to run an artificial heart or something) might be more doable.

Firstly, you need a bionic with the ‘this constantly uses power to keep you alive’ property, like the aforementioned artificial heart. It might have some good effects, but they’re overshadowed by the ‘if this stops working, you will die very soon’ thing. Once you have a bionic heart implemented, then you can give it to a disadvantageous version of the bionic patient profession, and have the basic effect of a character that needs power to live. Next, you’ll need bionic limbs that need repairs instead of natural healing and bandages, and bionics that consume power to reduce the need for food/drink.

Once those things exist, you’ll have everything you need to make a proper robot; model it as a human, all of whose body parts are mechanical and need repairs instead of healing, and who needs power instead of food/water to live. Probably also tack on some appropriate immunities, like mutations, infections, and disease, and you’re good.

I approve this idea, but I also have a suggestion that goes one further. A completely artificial humanoid that is alive. Considering the level of tech in Cata, genetic research could definitely have advanced to that point.

Another thing I’d like - cybernetic prosthetics. Arm completely broken? Fix it by installing a new one.