Robot "NPCS" for bases

I was thinking and unless you start with an NPC it’s hard to get them to join you half the time. So I got to thinking. Could a robot be a replacement NPC, Players can make? Of course, they would have problems. one no skill learning players have to manually adjust and improve their skills mostly through the computer skill and they can’t heal naturally and often need fuel over food. of course fuel can be battery or something the can be burnt or solar panels. the solar versions are less useful at night but have a battery. and it could end at the atomic (thus expansive to make but unfueled) robots. know if someone could make this its mostly for Bases

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Super cool idea, I always have a hard time finding NPCs but the base gives you a decent dice roll to recruit one once leveled up. This might circumvent a bottleneck with NPC if they could recruit for you as well.

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NPC’s can recruit for you once you start a camp.

Oh cool never knew that but I am talking here for the original NPC For starting a camp. plus i can see some players wanting to player the robot overlord or something and having a heavy robot camp

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Well there is the faction being implemented at:
Maybe this can tie in to what you want. If i were you i’d get a clear affirmation from the lead devs (specifically Kevin) before you start to implement this though as they may decide it does not fit the setting.

oh this is just a idea discussion. I can program yet so it would be a while if ever I personally could make it. I just post to not only get a discussion to help the idea along in case i can later program it. But also for others to decide to work on the idea if they want