Some ideas

I was away from the forums, cause staying alive in the cataclysm is addictive :slight_smile: The scenario is that two character and an npc are grouped in a small town called Whitelaw. The town is Z free. The surrounding land is mostly forest with FEMA camps scattered and a lot of farms. There is a good location, for a future colony if we can figure out a couple of things first. Liberty (another town) is to the south for like two hours of driving. Worth to go there, cause its full of supplies, though we already hit two milsup stores. We gathered good amount of supplies and trying to settle down in a basemant. On the street level rightnow a small workshop is about to be established. Got two operating cars, supplied rich with fuel. The mission is to cultivate the lands, hunt and gather supplies and slowly develop into a small selfsupporting community. We try to establish a safe zone for other survivors, who are willing to build a new world.

The questions i have…

Is there any will, idea behind community management?
I was thinking, maybe such approach could be used for ease, that we can set a timetable. There would be a list of names, and a set of selectable tasks (like hunting, gather wood, gather water, craft, repair, explore etc) and for the set amount of hours that npc would be taken out from the reality bubble, and return to the same spot, with random effects (found item, wounds)

Is it possible to order NPCs to consturct?
Would be nice to outsource some of these tasks.

There is two basement located close to each other. Is it possible to dig a tunnel to connect the two underground?

How can a player, make a basement to have a light system? Right now I can only craft next to campfires which is depleting our 2x4s fast. I would like to have a small generator to power a small lightsource, just enought to read or craft.

Im using static spawn. If i clear a section of the map from all monster and enemy, will there be some in the future? or it is clear forever?

Right now thats it. Im thanking anybody for the answers!

I don’t know a lot about NPCs, unfortunately.
I can answer the other questions though:

You can dig a tunnel if you obtain a pickax or jackhammer, yes.

To have underground power you can construct a vehicle with some frames, vehicle controls, a gas tank, a storage battery, an engine, and an alternator.
Using the controls will let you turn the engine on, which will use the alternator to generate power from fuel.
After that you just add lights wherever you need them.

With only static spawns enabled I’m pretty sure that once you clear an area it’s clear of zombies, but other factions can spawn differently.

[quote=“Weyrling, post:2, topic:13134”]To have underground power you can construct a vehicle with some frames, vehicle controls, a gas tank, a storage battery, an engine, and an alternator.
Using the controls will let you turn the engine on, which will use the alternator to generate power from fuel.
After that you just add lights wherever you need them.[/quote]
Alternatively, build a solar generator. It’s much less resource-consuming but is still quite efficient with what it does. With this method you’ll have numerous “vehicles” - your main generator, and any other appliance you’ll power with it underground. They won’t be connected so manual loading/offloading of batteries will still have to be done here.

[quote=“KliPeH, post:11786, topic:42”]Making a basic generator is quite easy.

[spoiler]What you’ll need:

  • Hacksaw

  • Wrench

  • Powered welder / makeshift welder / acetylene torch

  • Pair of welding goggles

  • Mechanics lvl. 2 / 4 / 6

x1-9 steel frame - to install the components on. Depends on the number of panels and storage batteries you decide to install.
x1-9 solar panel - the more you install, the faster you’ll charge the batteries. Mine ran on 4 for the most part, recently I’ve installed 5 more, but that’s because I’ve got 3 batteries to charge.
x1-3 swappable storage battery case - the part you need to be able to swap and change between your storage batteries.
x1-3 storage battery - where you store power, also the part you swap between the generator and the rig.

Place the whole thing outside so it charges while it’s Clear/Sunny. You can either charge it solely on sunny weather (basic), or convert gasoline to power with an engine (and a gas tank), an alternator and a vehicle battery (more time and resource consuming).
The most basic generator would look like this:

0 0 0

– frame with solar panel

0 – frame with swappable storage battery (and its case)

After a battery charges rem(o)ve it from the generator and install it inside the swappable storage case on your light-rig. All it takes is mechanics skill lvl 1. If you want to improve the generator add more rows with solar panels or replace the existing ones with their reinforced variant.[/spoiler][/quote]

The “light-rig” I refer to here is your makeshift lamp. You build it as a vehicle instead of an item. Basically, find a shopping cart (a light wooden frame + a set of casters, if you don’t), and mount the following on it:

  • Floodlight (source of light)
  • Controls (activate/deactivate floodlight)
  • Swappable battery case (required in order to load/offload a storage battery)
  • Storage battery (source of power, charged with the generator)

(G)rab it to move it around and place it where you want.

Thanks for the answers guys… though im really interested, is there plans to develop the community survival part? I know there is no f.cking way, there is going to be multiplayer in the game (maybe hotseat? :slight_smile: ). But one player could be the leader of a tribe or something. He could organize the camps everyday life. Constructing new buildings, farming, patrol etc. would be all in his powers. I understand that Cataclysms genre is rougelike, but since i started to play the game, I think there is shitload of possibilities. Im playing almost daily, but still havent found for instance a portal. There is so much content in this game, that possibilities seems endless. I dont have any coding skills, as I stated before, but Im thinking additions to the game. Ofcourse I dont want to offend anybody who is hard working to make this game as it is today. I bow down before they commitment and skill. I personally prefer in the game that it is not so graphic oriented as todays games. But im thinking adding some descriptive text to the game would be awesome. Like “your footsteps echoes in the empty street”. I dont know how much coding is needed though. I also wrote in another topic, that a journal feature could be implemented, where players could write their own story in hell. Maybe they would need to find an empty book and a pen, or it would be automatic feature, like the map.