NPC Overhaul, Forts Gallore

All though I’ve only been able to play around with NPCs very little, I think they are awesome from what they can so far (when they aren’t crashing your game.)

This may be just wishful thinking, but I think one thing that would make this game unbelievably addicting would be the ability to grant NPCs their own “safe areas” (A room/area with a bed, storage for them, ect.) that you could assign once you gain their trust and they consider you their leader. You could also give them vague jobs, like maybe mark an area on the map that they should explore/loot. You could give them variables in their mission, maybe you want them to be slow and cautious to scout out an area? Or maybe you’ve already cleared most of it out and they don’t have to be so cautious? There would be a “community” storage/chest that they put their looted items in, after they take their fair share of course. You could also have them do things like form squads and work together, and then give them a leader so they are more coordinated and less likely to route. You could also have them doing odd jobs, like designate an area for them to “fortify” by boarding up windows and doors (after you give them the tools and materials, of course). This opens up the possibility of running into other survivor forts and maybe trade with them? Or raid them and take all their supplies?

But the silver lining is that they are people of their own, much like yourself. They have moral and happiness levels, and if you are a shit leader then they will leave you. Also, it would be really hard to earn someone’s trust enough so that they call you their leader. They could be kept morally satisfied by not sending on dangerous mission so ofter and not over-working them. Also, any actions that may harm them (IE: You attacking them) could cause more than just one of them to turn on you.

I’ll say again, this is all just constructive/hopeful thinking, but maybe a goal for long-term or something. Ideas are welcome.

Cataclysm: Dwarf Days Ahead.

I want this, so bad.

[quote=“gtaguy, post:2, topic:1548”]Cataclysm: Dwarf Days Ahead.

I want this, so bad.[/quote]

Shut up, take my money, keep the name and make this happen.

If this gets added I will have sex with all the devs.

Screen-shotted for public record.

Goddamnit, that is gonna be sig’ed I know it.



Eh, not that any of the devs would want too. Or know where I live.

Tier 1 – outskirt house. Alternatively, a few tents. Perhaps 1-5 people. No decent weapons, maybe a few boarded up windows. If they end up inside the city perimeter instead of the outskirts it’s entirely likely they’ll get massacred.

Tier 2 – shanty town nearby. Maybe a moat or spiked fence with some armed sentries. I’d expect them to be able to fend off a small horde or whatever nature throws at them.

Tier 3 – Barter town. Probably able to retake an infested town, at least partially. lots of defences-- more in the manpower sense, but I can see them having a few turrets too. Not many, but enough.

I’d love to see groups of NPCs being able to claim buildings or set up their own settlements. I wouldn’t expect them to roam much after that (i.e, tie them to that settlement and let them roam around it, returning to rest, guard and such.

You could also have them do things like form squads and work together, and then give them a leader so they are more coordinated and less likely to route.

Haha, Believe me, I get the feeling they won’t Route anyway… You seen them when they find a bunch of enemies? : )
Haha, but yeah, I agree, these would be some fantastic additions in the (far)future.

Cataclysm Dwarf Days Ahead.

Love the concept.
-Gives another long term / endgame goal, not simply “survive for years”
-Gives an incentive to travel (find spread out NPCs for your camp or even find another camp)

Ofc quite difficult to implement i imagine.

I came up with a system for a similiar idea to this, but it was primarily about factions. Basically, bases would be designed around size and need.

Size would be how large the faction is. A single gang would probably only have a base that’s the size of a building, a militia would probably have a multi-square building (or a small collection of buildings), and an army would have the run of an entire town.

Needs would be basically what the faction needs to have. Depending on size, this could mean a room set aside, a building, or a whole street for this purpose. At the start, they’d automatically have a dormitory and a food storage area. Then, their specific needs come into play. If they worship the extra-dimensional beings, they’d obviously have a place set aside for sacrificing people. If they are gunrunning, they’d need an armory and a place where they build the guns. If they are into banditry, they need an armory and a shooting range.

Well, in a cataclysmic (pun-intended) event, people would be really confused and be looking for someone to guide them. BUT YEAH.

I’d say that’s Cataclysm: Redemption, the next gen where you have to clear as many villages as possible so you can start repopulating and shit…

My children do not require “cleared villagezzz”. The girlzzz are zzzrong and will clear all in my name, zzzoping the foul funguzzz and the evil wazzzpzzz. We will cultivate the fieldzzz onze again and build our new civiizzation on the azzzhezzz of the old!

This is why you don’t mix Royal Jelly and Mutagen, folks. (No, becoming a Queen Bee isn’t in the game. But one can hope.)

I’m actually intrigued by the possibilty of a Heroes-of-Might-&-Magic-meets-Cataclysm-DDA with Flatbeds and Semis alike in a Transformers manner joining up against an evil Necromancer commanding fungus, triffids and worms. Ten thousand peasants are stronger than your 500 upgraded zombies.

I guess a way to keep NPCs by your side would be drug. Just get them hooked on meth, and you have your very own army of subservient zombies.

Until you run out of drugs…Then you get fast zombies.