Robot control

what is the use? they can be installed but dont know what is this for.

Remotely driving vehicles. Should be in the description.

It’s a bit of an endgame stuff right now (you need to find or craft a vehicle controller item), unless you pick Drone Operator profession.

You can use it to build a mobile turret vehicle, ram-car to wreck buildings or simply to control your mobile base without sitting at the wheel.

Thanks for the reply, so this works like vehicle controller? I hope this has an AI function in the future.

It allows vehicle controller to be used on the vehicle and is a bit more common than drive-by-wire controls.
A vehicle with either robot controls or drive-by-wire can have a vehicle controller used on it to drive it.

AI function may eventually be a thing. Not soon though - it’s really tough to program a vehicle driving by itself and avoiding obstacles.