Remote control exploration?


I was wondering, is it possible to build a small vehicle that I can both control -and- view through remotely? I have installed remote controls into vehicles and driven them around before, but it would be a lot more useful and fun if I could go zipping around the world remotely from the comfort of my troglobyte lair.

Like duskers?

Id want it. I think its more of a technical limitation and it not being programmed than its unbalanced. Zombies would love to try to tear up your putt-putt remote car.

Maybe if you attached cameras and stuff? or if its not programmed in, it could use camera logic. I have no real technical experience and i havent tried it, but they’re ideas. :slight_smile:

Some sort of limited range drone (UAV) would be neat, just for overmap exploration.

Pretty sure the issue is 1 tracking from the vehichle’s perspective (following the drone as if it were the player character) and 2 what happens if your drone leaves the reality bubble.

Couldnt the reality bubble shift to the drone? And if you’re worried about hunger/thirst/sleep you could keep a single-tile bubble on your character.

I was thinking it could be more of an automated thing as opposed to being 100% player-controlled, thereby disregarding the reality bubble.

Option A)
Fire up a drone, it “automatically explores” the surrounding area in X tile radius over a time period of 1 hour, returns, and lands at the starting spot where it can be picked up again. While the drone does its thing, the overmap is updated every 5 minutes, gradually revealing the map in circular fashion. I mean, if you can imagine how circle (drone’s vision radius) travels in a wider circle (circular travel path)…

Option B)
Start a drone, it flies in a straight line at the chosen direction, and returns, revealing a thinner but longer stretch of the map.

Option C)
Fly in a straight line at a chosen direction until almost out of fuel, then land. A long but thin strecth of the map is revealed and the drone’s landing site is marked on the map.

Should weather be a factor? Force drone landing if thunderstorm hits? Resume when weather clears?

something like that sounds cool too but i think a ability to remotely look at vehicle cameras will be usefull too, of course we can limit range to prevent vehicle from exiting reality bubble when under control (your car was driving 128km/h and you lost signal? now go find it just make sure you will not run over yourself)

Ummm I am sure we can already remotly control RC cars etc as far as the edge of reality bubble or am I wrong.

Ummm I am sure we can already remotly control RC cars etc as far as the edge of reality bubble or am I wrong.[/quote]
We can control them, but as of current there is no way of seeing stuff from the perspective of the vehicle. If your remote control tank is behind a building you can definitely control it, just not in a terribly safe manner.

Ohhhh I see ok thanks.

Then yes this would be awesome to have :slight_smile: