Robocop-esque Integrated Holster CBM

Just what it sounds like. A bionic that adds a holster to your bionics menu, which can store a pistol or knife. Thoughts?

Sounds cool, but the Internal Storage CBM (I believe that’s what it’s called) can basically do this already. It’s essentially a storage space built into your chest cavity, if you didn’t know.

I do know; however, the function of storage space and the function of a holster are two different things in-game.

now we have so many holsters
why do not add another

walking arsenal of blades and guns rises!

Add more pouches. Go at it like a 90s Rob Liefield superhero design! An avalanche of pouches, with guns and ammo in them… and guns with pouches in them as well.

The trouble with this is probably the implementation. The easiest way to do it would probably be through some clothing that cannot be taken off and doesn’t encumber you that acts otherwise like a regular holster does now. Otherwise you’re stuck going through the bionic menu every time you want to pull out your gun. In addition, should something like that even be usable if you don’t have fully robotic legs (or wherever)? If you’re wearing pants, are you going to have to reach down inside to pull your gun out?

Maybe, but is that any stranger than the existing Internal Storage? Raise shirt, get ammunition from compartment in belly.