RM13 Combat Armor functions hardcoded?

Been playing since summer, and while I prefer RetroDays tileset, I decided to change to MShockModded since it seems to be the most updated and feature complete tileset currently.

First thing I noticed is that the screen is covered in the Night Vision green filter courtesy of the armor’s vision enhancement, which is annoying during daylight, so I went to mod that out only to discover that the [“GNV_EFFECT”] flag is missing, and that it and a few other effects flags (one of them being fireproof, as I found with a character testing a mod-armor meant to replicate RM13 without NV) are hardcoded under the “use_action”: “RM13ARMOR_OFF”, and “use_action”: “RM13ARMOR_ON”.

Is there is any way to disable night vision without getting rid of other effects?