Research Labs and HUB 01 spawning too frequently?

Version: 0.D-6895-ge888867 (tiles)

I didn’t know if it was intended behavior but every overmap “tile” (180x180 grid) I’m getting a Research Lab and occasionally a HUB to spawn. I thought these might be rare structures but I’ve used debug to check the map and seen that they’re quite prevalent.

I thought HUB might be a unique/rare building spawn considering it’s kind of like a vault from another game series.

So after doing some digging I managed to locate the reason why they’re spawning so frequently, but as I’m playing a relatively recent build on experimental (as of writing) I’m not sure if the insane spawn rate of these specials is intended.

The issue sits in:

Around line 4229 You’ll find the field “occurrences” with the vaule [ 1, 1 ]. On the next line it’s flagged as “UNIQUE”. These combined attributes mean that it’s a nearly guaranteed spawn (100%). The same occurs for HUB_01

The occurrences + unique flag works as follows… (taken from the Document)
“Location is unique and will only occur once per overmap. occurrences is overridden to define a percent chance (e.g. "occurrences" : [75, 100] is 75%)”

Again, wasn’t sure if it’s worked as intended or an oversight. I just felt they were exceedingly common.

Hub 01 spawns very commonly right now because its a work in progress, and I want indirect feedback on it and its missions.

I’ll likely reduce its spawn chances once the next release is on the horizon.


We are having another release? We just had 0.D this year. That’s great speed!

Thats not what I said, like at all…

There will be a next release “someday” and when that day is close, I’ll tweak the spawns.

Tbf, Reaarch Labs are pretty nasty places to go now. They used to be easy loot pinatas but best case scenario now they are teeming with pretty tough zombies, worse case can be an absolute nightmare.

Yeah, the couple I ran into spit out flaming eyes. Can’t say it was a fun experience. I ended up turning them down to 20%. I felt it was kind of silly that I had more of them spawning than large farms.

I should of taken a screenshot but I had one that had at least two or three portals on the ground floor, the place was a mess of flaming eyes, yuggs, mi-go scouts and other outsiders. It was… interesting trying to explore.

i thought that was a bug, the last research lab(the reasearch lab is the reasearch facility?) i found had like 5 portal on ground level (but only one flaming eye)and for some reason when i rushed to the stairs the map got marked with another 3 portals on the 2nd floor

That seems to be pretty normal. It spawns a bunch of portals.

Haven’t play for while and these new Labs sound very interesting. I’m excited to see one.

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