Crude cloth torches

I feel kind of like torches should be easier to make since currently it seems they need gasoline or cooking to create.
It would be nice if we had some easier but not as effective torch recipes like a crude torch that would only last an hour or so made out of some sort of stick and cloth rags wrapped around it

You can make them with pine boughs as well. It’s very easy with that method.

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it still requires a cooking station though

That’s because you need something that will light easily. A rag on a stick wouldn’t light easily and it would probably burn for less than a minute. Plus it wouldn’t burn as bright as a torch with actual flammable pitch/alcohol/oil.

depends on what material actually. synthetic fibres catch fire very easily, while organics start slowly. plus the older something is the easier it burns.
I think the clothes left lying around for who knows how long would be dusty enough to light