Request for permission - Czech translation

Edit: This has been resolved. Thanks to all the people who helped!

Hello everyone,

would it be possible for me (possibly on behalf of several more volunteers) to request permission to start working on a translation of the game files into the Czech language?

I have already requested the language to be added on the Transifex page, but nothing seems to have happened since then. Maybe there is something else I need to do as well?

I would be very grateful for any help with this matter.

Thank you all!


I’m not familiar with the translation team or their process, but generally you don’t need to ask anybody’s permission to contribute to the project, you can just submit a PR of your changes and if something’s not right, they’ll let you know what it is and work with you to fix it.

Thanks for the help @Mantar!

The thing is, I am not all that familiar with GitHub and its ropes, this requests and that requests. I was kind of hoping to work with Transifex, which is less like a programming exercise and more like… translation.

The .md file located here tells me to request my language to be added in case it is not available. Which I did. Which, so far, did not bear any fruit.

So, should I use GitHub instead of Transifex then?

Thanks a lot for your time,


All translation happens on transifex, so you’re right to go there. You may receive a faster response if you make a GitHub issue about it, though.

Thank you very much for the help @anothersimulacrum, I just made that issue. Let’s see what happens now.

edit: and thanks for the label on Github :slight_smile:

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