Repair wheel with loaded misc repair kit?

I was expecting to be able to use the duct tape loaded in my misc repair kit if duct tape was needed for a vehicle repair, and noticed that wheel repairs are not recognizing the duct tape is in the kit. Do you folks think this is intended behavior?

When you repair something like a wooden spear with Misc Repair Kit, it uses Duct tape as ‘charges’.

You repair wheels from Vehicle menu and it’s using Duct tape as ‘resource’, and when it looks for resource, it does not look inside your Repair Kit… basically, the vehicle does not know there is duct tape inside your Repair Kit

You can try removing the wheel off of your car and repairing it with Repair Kit, as an experiment. I have no idea if that will work or not

It’s probably not the intended behaviour. Someone probably forgot to change adhesive in vehicle repair “recipes” to also include misc repair kit charges.