Repair of the non-inventory or not-car items

i hacked two walking droids. droids needs to repair - by shift-V i see their health-level - III(yellow). full health IIIII green.

whether there is an opportunity “to teach” any welding device - welding machine or acetylene torch - to repair (let and in the presence of nearby scrap metal) things which are don’t fit in inventory and which aren’t hostile.

can be in the menu of the operating laptop to make MenuItem - “prepare for service” (or something in that sort) then the droid (even if it at this moment in fight) there begins search service operator (that is us) and comes nearer, and in the menu of the laptop there is a point “Service Mode” (as a result of which the robot opens the internal structure - passes into the service mode). thus we have to have a repair tool (a soldering iron, the welding machine of any sort). without repair tool point of the menu “execute repair” is inaccessible.

all necessary for repair of the robot - both materials and the tool - have to be ready in good time.