Removing the Large Mutation Threshold

Opening this post to debate about the Large Mutation and wether is should be set as a threshold mutation or an open mutation to other branches.

To sum it up, you got four different types of this mutation chain.
Inconveniently Large -> Large ->
Freakishly Huge -> Huge

Inconveniently Large and Freakishly Huge both come with The pro of their increased strength and carry weight and the con of their increased encumbrance.
That con being removed once you take on Huge and Large mutation which removes this encumbrance.

The only catch is that these can only be gained if you reach the thresholds for them.
So any branch’s that chooses anything other than Ursine or Cattle branch will be stuck with the 2 prior mutations that are more detrimental than beneficial.

But it not the cons that are the catch for me; getting bad mutations is just some of the risks you play when it comes to mutating.
No. It’s the fact that these branches have both of the mutations to offset these negative effects, but only can make use of one.

I mean, wouldn’t it be more appropriate for the Cattle and Ursine branch to have both Freakishly Huge and Huge within their threshold and Inconveniently Large and Large as a open mutation to the other branches?

Maybe, maybe not.
So I’m interested to know what others think of this and if the Large Mutation should stay as a threshold mutation or should it be opened up for other branches to access as well.

While I agree that they are functionally similar with one simply being a higher strength version of the other with some drawbacks and one branch may be better suited to post threshold than the other being available for others, there is probably a design reason for this that isn’t obvious. That said, if it is an oversight, then they may want to change it.

Even if it isn’t ever changed, it should be a simple json edit to remove its threshold necessity if you want to play with this change yourself.

I am curious to the reasons behind the design, if that can be explored on further.

Also thanks for the pointer on the Jason edit, my only concern would be reapplying that change on every update.
Though it wouldn’t matter regardless as it not that big of a deal.

or should I say, not that “Huge” of a deal, huehuehue.

I’m not sure I follow, you can be large and huge ?

Yeah, it’s a mutation.

Does Large turn into Feakishly huge?

Large or inconveniently Large, then from freakishly Huge to Huge.
Do note Huge has the drawback of causing pain when moving within a closed vehicle. A vehicle without a roof is fine however.

so it seems to work as intended, what s the problem?

If I’m reading this right, you think the threshold requirement for ‘Large’ should be removed and transfer that threshold requirement to ‘Inconveniently Huge’? Then anyone can be Large, but only post thresh Cattle and Ursine mutants can access the Inconveniently Hugh/Huge line of mutatations? I rather like this idea.


This when? I’m picturing a roof that opens like the gate in a bar, with a hole in it…

P.P.S Inconveniently Hugh (LOL)

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Only cattle and ursine Mutation branches can access the mutations “Large” and “Huge” to negate the negative effects of “Inconveniently large” and “Freakishly Huge”.

So if you were anything other than these two mutation branches, you’d go something like this:

Inconveniently large -> Freakishly Huge -> NOPE

An trust me, having either of those two is more trouble than they’re worth.

Hah! considering “Huge” Jackman already a mutant this seams fitting.

A imagine if cataclysm had something like his steel claws in, that be epic

There’s a bionic claws CBM already in game. Install that and get regeneration and you’re pretty much there. (Though I don’t know how good regen is anymore, now that base healing speeds have been slowed dramatically.)

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Just get nanos instead, as long as you have power that’s some wolverine level healing.

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Ow yeah… guess all that’s needed then would be his wolverine styled haircut.

There’s also the razor bar katar, made from rebar.

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Anything to give me a metal skeleton? Doesn’t have to be Adamantium specifically.

Alloy Plating, maybe? Could take a while to do the full set, though.

Close enough. Like the belly button outie equivalent to Wolverines Innie.

There’s skeletal reinforcement cbm.
But that just lets you carry more weight

There’s also the kinetic shock absorber cbm, that when active makes it so you don’t take impact damage (getting sent flying from a hulk punch or jumping off a roof if you have z-levels)

So that with the Titanium skeletal bracing is the closest I can think of.