Possible to Uninstall Malfunctioning Bionics? (No Spoilers Plz)

I am thinking of picking malfunctioning bionic as a start for the -2 bonus, but is it possible to remove the malfunctions at some point? I don’t want to know how, just yes or no please!

The only way at the moment is to get VERY lucky failing an installation of another bionic and hope it removes the malfunctioning one and not cause mutations or more malfunctioning bionics or remove any good bionics you might have.

That’s a real shame, it makes that Profession pretty much useless then. Perhaps Devs could add a remove bionic ability, perhaps using a hospital surgical device?

A hospital/pharmacy machine-thing-robot that removes or installs bionics without risk of mutation/malfunc bionic for a price (preferably high) would be awesome. And people would use the cash cards more, which are utterly useless right now

If someone can install a CBM in themselves, then why they can’t remove it as well?

Other question is how painful and dangerous it would be. Taking an oxydocone pill should be enough for many times, but sometimes there’s a need to remove something very important which one damage organs permanently (i assume that it would be really dangerously to remove enhanced memory banks as it need brain surgery?).

PR is in progress for very high-skill requiring bionic removal.