Implants - Reorganize possible?

Got a minor issue with my implants: [img=]

I cannot active those below the mini-flamethrower. Any way to fix that? (v0.5)

Btw., Power Storage Mk. II = I love it.

It ran out of viable letters, therefor, it’s screwed.

A quick fix would be to not have letters for the passive, because you don’t need to activate them.

If you crack open your .sav file in a text editor, you should be able to reorganise the letters of your bionics manually (the names are generally intuitive enough). Make a backup first, obviously.

If you go that route, rearrange it so your latest installed bionic that you want to activate it is the last typeable character (I think ~). If you change it to something like “a”, then the next one you install will use “b” and you will have two assigned to b.