Release cataclysm-dda under CC-BY-SA

Whales released his contributions to cataclysm by committing the LICENSE file stating the codebase is licensed under CC-BY-SA, but he doesn’t have the right to relicense everyone else’s contributions. This leaves all comitts made before 5b7fa52 on Wed Mar 27 23:16:16 2013 -0400 in limbo.

In order to address this, all contributors need to make a pull request adding their names, handles, and/or email addresses to the new SIGNOFF file. Nothing specific is required, basically your identity is established by the fact that you own the github account originating the pull request.

If you don’t have a github account, a less-official statement via email or forums should be sufficient, and a developer can add the statement on your behalf.

Moving forward, all contributions are presumed licensed CC-BY-SA by the terms of that license, if you don’t want your contributions under that license, you cannot make contributions.

As the number of devs left that need to sign off on this get smaller, I’ll be making more pointed requests to those specific people. Once this is complete, we should be able to package dda for various linux distros.