REGENERATES_50 (sludge Crawler)

Is REGENERATES_50 supposed to be 50 HP per 6 seconds? Because it is much higher than that, having unloaded on average 200 damages per 100 action on a sludge crawler and it regenerating easily. I must say I’m slightly p*** off by the uberness of the thing, it is indestructible. Perhaps a mini nuke?

It’s 50hp per game tick, that doesn’t necessarily mean 50 per 100 action.
“Almost impossible to kill” is exactly how it’s supposed to act.

Pretty sure it’s 50 per game turn, so 6 seconds on the clock. If it’s more than that, it may be that sludge crawler has shoggoth’s absorb ability (possibly due to a mod adding it).

The code that causes regeneration also causes creatures to gain moves, which would mean that every “extra” regeneration should come with the creature getting an extra full turn for free.

Note that regenerating creatures only cause the message to appear 50% of the time.

I found it just too extreme for a creature that can appear randomly and early in the game. For me, that’s the kind of special power that should be for a (semi-late) boss, something that defend a place, not just something that can dwell in the countryside and basically botch your game.
But your mileage vary obviously.

How is a sludge crawler going to ruin your game? They’re incredibly easy to run away from.

Sounds like a discount Shoggoth, though I’ve never run into them before. Where do they spawn, Sewers or Subways I guess? This is something new I need to find and kill.

The spawn in swamps, very rarely. They can be easily run from in most cases.

I find very little survives bouncing g of the hood of a Cadillac. That’s how I delt with my last Sludge Crawler.

This crawler was an extreme nuisance has it was moving in town around my base where I piled tons of items. So running away from it was not that easy.