Are Sludge Crawlers currently behaving as intended?

I am building my shelter at a pump station and have been exploring the sewers beneath. I found two sludge crawlers blocking my path. I read that they are supposed to be vulnerable to fire so I hit them with a molotov. The crawlers stood in the fire for least 10 turns or so but took almost no damage in that time. Their regin rate was able to overcome standing in the middle tile of a 3x3 tile gasoline fire. Is this intended behavior? I know they re supposed to be tanky and very hard to kill, but I suspect this might not be intended. Whats the verdict on that? Also, if this IS intended what is a another method for dealing with them?

Given how incredibly high their regen rate is, I doubt you could burn them to death with anything short of a burning house. Whatever fire vulnerability they have probably isn’t sufficient to bump up a regular moltov cocktail fire up to the point where it will hurt them.

Ideally, they wouldn’t be able to regenerate burn damage so that even modest fires would be dangerous to them, but I don’t think CDDA regen can track things like that. Maybe if taking burn damage caused them to lose their regen for a while?

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I agree on fire disabling regeneration, so I created a pull request for it. It’s my first one for this project, so we’ll see how it goes.

This is totally intended, they’re supposed to be huge tanks that are very difficult to kill, but not all that hard to avoid or otherwise work around.

For ways to deal with them, you can try fire AND other forms of attack, such as getting them burning and then opening up with sustained burst fire or potentially attacking them with a reach weapon if you have good melee and can rech through the fire. The reason fire is cited as a vulnerability is that the fire can handle most of the regeneration, giving you more breathing room to pile on the damage over time. Also the slime they leave burns, which can help keep them on fire as well as clearing away the often annoying slime trail.

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it is important to note there are different types of fire. was it a “raging fire” or a “small fire”? small fires don’t do much but infernos do alot of heat damage

I used a grenade and that did the trick. :stuck_out_tongue: