Re:Deadpool sludge crawler's?

Just want a larger opinion on this than one person I posted this on the issue’s board given the fact that I was weirded out by the invincible sludge

[i]Unfortunately the sludge crawler appears to have the hitpoints/healing ability of zombie hulk wolverine that is addicted to stimpacks (discovered after it taking 20 .762 rounds and 3 pipe bombs)
kevingranade commented 3 days ago

Working as intended.

kevingranade commented 3 days ago
You can definitely kill them, it’s just really hard and you have to work at
it. It’s also completely not worth it to kill them in general, so just
avoid them.
To turn this around, why must everything be killable


Oh I am fine with enemies that you cannot kill (incentivizes running from a horror you cannot hope to kill in the true spirit of cosmic horror) but there is no justification for this creature in particular or even a indication as to what gives it this healing a text indicator saying “The Sludge isn’t reacting to my attacks”

A better question is…why is this “Sludge” unkillable yet many other eldritch horrors are beyond killable with the same method or what gives them this near immunity to bullets (as I doubt they would survive long in our reality with that sort of metabolism)

I would understand larger blobs having this ability beside portals because from a lore perspective the blob are interdimensional bullshit that is close to unkillable near there anyway or even a eldritch god doing similar to that, but I find these things in fucking sewers and basements with no justification as to why they resurrect like jesus on crack

I wouldn’t be complaining if this was the amigara horrors and it indicated “My bullets are doing nothing drr drr drr” as they seem to be created/powered by artifacts and could withstand this or even a shaggoth/flaming eye but…A sludge in a basement

So with that out of the way how about shifting the wolverine regeneration to other creatures

The immediate reason not to is that the sludge crawler is designed around being incredibly hard to kill, nothing else is. If you give that toughness to an already threatening monster, it would become extremely lethal.

Sounds like either an excellent way to train your weapon skills, or a use for all those mininukes and rocket launchers you usually have lying around gathering dust.

Isn’t the Shoggoth even harder to kill than this thing? I kill shoggoths semi frequently, the trick is that you have to do a lot of damage all at once. I think I just dumped FA bursts of 7.62 rounds into them at close range.

I usually kill Shoggoth’s with an Arming Sword, with European Swordsmanship, provided my character has had a chance to pick up a manuscript. If not, running them over with a car going 700 MPH works great too.

You are correct on this (I actually forgot that they were the exact same as the sludge crawler), it was my first “NOPE runs away” moment when I first tried to kill it because I was unaware that it was tanking my grenades but this actually makes sense because they come late game and have a description that makes it so you don’t want to fuck with it however the sludge crawler comes on nearly day one in any basement or sewer and from its description/name/location made me think giant slug rather than unkillable/unstoppable fiend

Yea you can tell I am salty because I died to a giant fucking slug x)

You are more unkillable to the slug than it to you. Did it corner you?

Since it’s not zombie slug, and is slow, this slug is good kiting material for zombies.

Not really as I cannot take 20 .762 rounds from a semi auto and keep coming but yea pretty much.

I got stuck between it, a bookcase and a wall…btw is there any zombie like creature that can regen or creatures aside from the shaggoth, as I am not saying that I don’t like the shaggoth as that is one of the only creatures that incentivize running away like the small human(ish) creature you are but I think it would be cool to have a tumor ridden zombie that while has a low attack due to the abscesses blocking its limbs and when near a portal or radiation regen’s damage quickly (BUT SLOWER THAN THE FUCKING SLUG) and with the new research system could provide a means of killing the slug (not the shaggoth) along with a few cancerous growth based weapons/tonics…