Refugees center 'inconsistencies'

May I humbly suggest that the NPCs int the center get a 30 mn love on a few things?

Namely, some guards are not armed, and they are not good in unarmed combat (using the debug menu to check that).
Some wear a silly item, compared to the stockpile of the center. For example the doctor has a cue pool has a weapon and the merchant has a helmet pot.

There are also a few things that are not very coherent, like for example the merchant offering you as reward 25 Merch, but they are worth 3.5$ each when you buy some from his inventory. Probably the amount should be revised as the mercenary is asking for 2500 merchs to be hired. That would thus be more consistent if the first mission had something like 250 merchs as reward.

I would be willing to spend time editing the necessary json if you want my help.

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You don’t need anyone’s blessing - you either volunteer and jump into contribution, or you not.

Can you point me to the latest doc on how to contribute?

For a first PR don’t try to fix everything, just look into touching up the lists of what random clothes they have or something like that.

Remember overall the guards don’t have to have training in their weapons. They should all have at least improvised weapons though