Refugee Center Suffers Unintentional Arson

So after some zombies broke a window, our friendly local dog-eared arsonist decides to do the only sensible thing and light it on fire.

Unfortunately, she decided to do so within a building that, despite having solid brick walls, has a very much flammable floor and ceiling. You can guess how well this went.

I strongly recommend conversion of the Refugee Center’s floor/ceiling into a non-flammable material, both for a little consistency with the rest of its architecture and for the sake of everyone that lives in it and any player that ever wanted to make use of the NPC’s within it.

No, the ai needs not to be a derp.

usually, by the time the arson lights the place, its already to late to save the place. Its a good thing that nobody’s created the underground yet. I would, and will, as soon as classes can be defined via json.

Plenty of brick wall buildings have flammable floors.

There’s no rain in a building, so someone could forbid NPC using flames.