Refugee center post-threshold mutant tolerance

I’ve noticed that even if you’re a non elf, alpha, or troglodite post-thresh mutant(what i consider the most “human” types) that the people in the refugee center are surprisingly tolerant of your various anatomical changes even though there are some lines from talking to them that the people there don’t like mutations.

You’d think that most people would freak out upon seeing a humanoid spider monster and shoot on site or shout at you to see if you can possibly be reasoned with. I propose a special npc posted right outside the refugee center’s entrance that at range checks for:

  1. If you have mutations. If you do, they stop you at the entrance and ask you what you’re doing here. Depending on your speech you would be able to convince them to let you in anyway or do one quick scavenge run to gain their trust. If you don’t have mutations then they just ignore you.
  2. If you’re post-threshold then they absolutely won’t let you in unless you convice them you’re not a threat(multiple tries allowed), and do several small scavenge missions, where afterwards you’ll finally be allowed to try and convince them to let you in.

I also think that the NPCs inside should also have their dialogue changed accordingly.


Please submit a Pull Request with the requested dialogue changes. You can write all of those things with a text editor. See for details.

Don’t get me wrong, I think what you’ve suggested is great stuff. But CDDA is an open source game that welcomes contributions, so you should fix it yourself.