View NPC mutations

After finally getting to the Refugee center, I’m talking with an NPC, and the dialogue tells me she’s a mutant. However when I examine, look at, etc. her, there’s no indication that she’s a mutant. Is there some way to check what mutations she has?

Not until you recruit the NPC. You can use the “x” key and look at them, sometimes you can see some mutations (I dunno why, tough).
To see an NPC’s mutations, on the NPC main interaction screen (the one where you can command them to take off their clothes and dance for you) and select I’d like to know a little more of you or something.

You can sometimes figure it out based on the sprite, depending on whether or not you’re using a tileset/what tileset you’re using, and extrapolate from there since most mutated NPCs tend to have mutations from a single line, but anything more in-depth requires what Ask said.

I believe the arsonist says she has mutated ears, and can not be recruited. Its funny because she says many people are prejudiced against mutants, but I strolled in as a slime mutant with my plant mutant NPC and nobody bats an eye.

She may be mistaking them not liking her always setting things on fire for mutation prejudice.


I should really fix that, now that it’s easy for NPCs to check your mutant traits and say nasty things about you.


YES! Do you think the refugee center should be hostile to post threshold mutants? I would imagine at this point my character just looks like a monster.

Having your NPC companions potentially complain about their or your mutations is on my wishlist too. Maybe I’ll do some writing and submitting tonight rather than playing. Although I did finally find a lab … Aagh, decisions…

Mean while a zombie strolls in and eats them while they just stand there being eaten alive lol

NPCs man…strange folk xD