Refugee center and ranch mission suggestions thread

1a) Fetch a broken laptop, and possibly some electronic parts because the player "will need it for the next task"
1b) Fetch a cleanerbot from a toxic waste facility, in other words, take control of it with a control laptop and escort it back to the center. The NPC could give a free control laptop after the player brings a broken laptop which the “NPC has fixed”. This could be a mid-to-late game mission. The cleanerbot is "needed to relieve the workload from menial tasks and to clear the perimeter from debris and obstructions."
1c) Hack/craft and bring 4 turrets “to help defend the perimeter”. Also 1000 ammo (9x19mm FMJ) which “they consider to be optimal against a variety of zombies” but in case the player can’t find the FMJs, bring any 9x19mm type, because “they can’t afford to be picky”, effectively meaning any 9x19mm round will do, as long as there’s 1000 of them.

  1. Find 2 hazmat suits “for the scavenging teams”.

3a) Find 50 Preussian blue pills to “treat those who have sustained radiation poisoning”.
3b) Find 8 morphine to “keep those comfortable who have sustained a lethal dose of radiation”. (Is it OK to even give morphine to radiation patients BTW?)

  1. Dig a dozen “graves”, to a nearby target overmap tile. These could be simple pits dug with a digging implement until proper graves are introduced(?). The graves are for “the deceased loved ones and pets”. Graves are needed because “the burial ceremony is still an important custom even amongst all the death, even if it is just an empty coffin that we’d bury”.

  2. Repair the tractor at the ranch, in the building where the foreman resides. I assume a tractor is always spawned there?

  3. Bring a total of 100 units of seeds, of any kind, because they can “plant what they need and trade the rest”.

  4. Catch or attract 3 cats, to be as pets at the refugee center “to relieve stress”. (Note that I’m unsure how animals in general are attracted or caught with animal food as I’ve never tried it, assuming the mechanic even exists).

  5. “Do some long-distance scouting”. The player is sent to 4 different distant locations in each cardinal direction (approximately). The target overmap tiles must simply be revealed in order for the mission to be complete. Scouting is needed because “we’ve heard various rumors about these particular locations and we need be sure one way or the other which, if any, of the rumors are true.”

  6. Photograph a dozen different zombie types, taking only best quality photos. These will be used to “educate the people”. Photos could be handed over in a camera or an SD-card.