Red Dot Sight vs Survivor's Laser Sight

I’ve gotten my hands on two firearm mods, the Red Dot Sight and the Survivor’s Laser Sight.

Of the two the Survivor’s Laser Sight has a higher Price value and appears to have a better Sight Dispersion.

However when the Survivor’s Laser Sight is attached to a weapon the displayed stats of the weapon’s Sight Dispersion does not appear to change.

When the Red Dot Sight is attached there is a visible improvement on the firearms stats when examined.

The modifications coming off the Survivor’s Laser Sight are:
Sight Dispersion: 30.

The modifications coming off the Red Dot Sight are:
Sight Dispersion: 90.
Aim Cost: 4.

Does the Laser Sight need to be switched on in someway before it functions or am I misunderstanding its operation?

I asked the same thing actually. Any ways what’s going is that the way the two sights are set are where the red dot sight acts as a replacement for the weapons standard sights. It does this by first having a tag called disable_sights and it has an additional aim cost allowing it to fully replace the weapons base sight dispersion. The survivor laser sight would as it is set up currently act as a laser sight rather than true sights which is why you aren’t seeing a sight dispersion change.

check where they attach. do they say SIGHT, RAIL, or UNDERBARREL? only things in the SIGHT slot actually REPLACE sights. the others just modify of sighting in works. a laser should give you increased aim sped. as in it takes less time for your steadiness to reach max.

That is kinda whats a bit dumb of the survivor laser sight. It does take up the sight slot. It just doesn’t replace base weapon sights.

That’s not dumb in the slightest. A great many firearm optics and other things which occupy what we’d call the “sight” slot are designed such that they still permit the use of the weapon’s factory iron sights.

Bear in mind that a red-dot sight is a completely different aiming mechanism from a laser sight.

The red dot sight is much closer to a classical iron sight - it just uses some clever optics to project a red pointer over your field of view to indicate the aimpoint. They are good for faster target acquisition at the cost of some of the deliberate precision of iron sights or a true scope.

The laser sight on the other hand, puts an actual laser line downfield to show where the gun is pointing, and this can be seen even when you’re not ‘aiming’ down the gunbarrel, unlike the red dot. It goes considerably further in sacrificing precision for speed of aiming and retaining situational awareness.

Normally you’d never want to use an actual laser sight as a military fighter, as it gives away your exact position too readily - but against enemies with very poor perception such as zombies, that’s probably not a meaningful issue.