Reconstruction Zone

I dont know how big exactly the reality bubble is. But suppose you place a single NPC there. And your job is to keep him safe. Otherwise Game Over.

Could that be a Motivation to set up a base?
One where creatures dont spawn just anywhere where momentarily its out of sight for players.
Would it be feasible that this remodelling could be accomplished?

There is Defense mode which is pretty the same only with friendly generator monster, not NPC.

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So couldnt there e a bleed over made?
Less of the monsters, more of the survival needs. Getting cold, hungry, sock and so forth. Scavenge far out to get medicine.

See new developments happen as you enter the reality bubble of this NPC.
Cant fathom how much work that would be. What I would like is to have a way to easy edit and insert strings.
To make the first actual The Road mod for a game kind off.
Have the character talk to the NPC, be that the wife, Eli or the son.
Just something that could be done with that.