No NPC despite proper settings?

I have static and random NPC on.
Spawn rate at 2.0

I have explored roughly an area of 200x200 overland squares.

Guess what, not a single NPC spotted, except 6 prisoners in a Mi-Go Tower.

Normal, expected?

iirc, someone mentioned is because the NPC when the spawn, now they go to safe zones, instead of randomly roaming where they spawned, i think safe zones includes thinks like evac shelter, farm houses and the like, but im not sure.

So even while they still spawn in your reality bubble, they dont roam the streets like before

That could make sense … except I systematically explores or at least comes close and take a good look at cabins, forest homes, farms and rural houses while I travel. I must have checked 40+ by now.

Not questioning your comment. I am however rather curious if over the half a year I have missed, if there has been any change to the reality bubble that would allow for anything to happen outside of the reality bubble?

That anyone is aware of…naturally.

They dont spawn in reality bubble anymore.

They spawn at a random spot on the overmap, then travel to the nearest safe spot they notice.

This will mean that you will perceive far less of them , as before they always spawned near you, this was a bit silly.

Now though, after a long play session, you may find them at farms evac shelters, rural houses, basically anything in the overmap terrains that is flagged “SOURCE_OF_SAFETY”

currently they just chill there, awaiting new features to be coded to allow them to go and forage an dscavenge ( which is coming )

You may get lucky and meet one whilst they are travelling.

We may want to up the default spawn rate for everyone, but we may need to gather more data, the thing is, the same amount of NPCs are being spawned, and they are more likely to stay alive ( previusly they would just go straight to the nearest city and die ), but they are more elusive now.

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Sort of, NPCs can now travel outside the reality bubble, and they will soon be able to do activities like foraging and scavenging outside the reality bubble.

Most other things resolve themselves when they enter the reality bubble and catch up on lost time.

Do a test - set spawn rate to the highest, start a new game, debug menu - reveal map, debug menu - toggle NPC pathfinding in info section.

wait an hour, open map, should see the blue pathfinding lines of spawned NPCs travelling to places. They are there, but the default spawn rate may need to be adjusted to account for the differing perception now.

Thanks for the info. So farming and the like are still frozen in time outside the reality bubble then I gather?
But NPC will(future tense) be active?

If you mean the growth of crops, then things like that dont process outside reality bubble, but will catch up when they are loaded back in, so they dont lose any progress overall.

And yes I hope to eventually make all NPC activities possible for them to do outside of reality bubble.

Good to know. =)

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Practically speaking, new and returning players won’t see NPCs unless they (1) switch wander NPC ON and (2) crank up the default value 250x time.