Settlements - a living world

I have played for two virtual months now and I see no sign of human habitation except for my camp and the refugee centre. There are scattered NPCs around who seem to be entering various buildings as if scavenging but they never use anything. Wouldn’t it be great if NPCs could at least barricade themselves in buildings and several NPCs establishing groups over time? I’d love to pass next to a camp occupied by people who previously struggled alone.

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Yes, it would be great.

Yes, NPC AI is hard.

Yes, Kevin, dpwb, and I are working on it, but progress is slow.

Please contribute more NPCs outside of the Refuge Center or Tacoma Commune, like cursedtwist’s new city survivor NPCs.


This could also be a wonderful idea to pair with a Fallout-esque Minutemen faction. You could help protect NPC settlements form zombie hordes

we totally need that type of npc, that talks you up first (before you can even chat first) as soon as he sees you, only to task you to get rid of a zombie horde or something without a way to deny it.

No, we don’t need NPCs like that, and I already did the coding work to let you mug NPCs with urgent missions.


Have to agree with Lang on this one. Unless you have a leader as a guard more than a leader. The group is just as qualified to talk to the player as any other . Unless they don’t want to represent the group or they need someone to answer specific questions.

This common practice in gaming to have leaders do everything and no other npc has a brain to be an individual is because it make game design easier for programmers and plot. Since we have no express plot. Anyone can cross weave a story. NPCs can do different things without care of a group or much care.

Besides. I think the trope is silly when the entire game revolves around the player character. Only due to engine limitations would you see stuff like this. Well, unless stuff isn’t programmed yet I suppose.

When I said Minutemen -esque faction, I didn’t mean make a quest dispenser.