Recipe Giver v1.1 (Save Editor)

Did you decide to start with tailor 8, but didn’t get any nice recipes because of it? Well look no further ladys and gents. Because I have written a save editor that will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Just open it up, paste (or browse for) your cataclysm-dda directory into the box. Hit refresh, select the save you want to get the recipes on, and click “Gimme Recipes Plox!”.

You may then proceed to play the game with all the recipes for your current skill levels. This program scans the actual cataclysm data directories to build it’s recipe list, so future updates are not a problem.

Though it is currently not compatible with mods. I actually built the core of this way back before 0.A and just updated it to handle multiple recipe json and to give it an UI.


Version History
1.1- Added options, attempts to locate cataclysm directory automatically.
1.0- Initial Release

This could be a neat feature, quirk’d a bit perhaps? Once there are NPCs all wrapped up, it would be a blast to have a skilled mechanic in your NPC pool; thinking of it makes me wanna hit PLAY NOW! and just push some skills up the next time I enter CataDDA.

Updated to v1.1.

It now automatically tries to locate your cataclysm directory (only works if it is within the cataclysm directory or one of its sub directories).
It now has a few basic options that you can specify, such as to disable adding XL recipes, or Survival gear recipes. There is also an option to toggle overwriting of the recipe list.

For reference, version 1.0 just added to the list, and never replaced your recipes. But it added to the list regardless of if the recipe was already on the list. Cataclysm seemed to be okay with this (and just removes redundant entries when it saves), but I made it so the editor only added recipes that were not in the list already.