Rations Disappear

Hello, I wanted to report a possible bug, when I load a game MRE Beef rations disappear from inventory and MRE Vegetables are only 2 … This has happened several times.

I’m using the latest version


Excuse my english

Maybe they have stacked? I don’t know what might cause this.

When does this happen? I’ve noticed when I use “E” to eat foods I have, their stack count doesn’t show up. For example, if I have 5 MREs and I use “E” to eay them, only “MRE” will show up, not “MRE [5]”. However, I can actually eat 5 MREs. For me, the bug is purely visual.

Is that what you’re describing?

No, after loading the game press the key “I” (Inventory) and whatever the amount you have now there is only one … Basically

Not getting the issue myself.