Rat Cave

So, having not played in a while, I have just recently come back to cataclysm. My most recent character has spent the game so far fleeing from several hordes, going from brief haven to brief haven. Most recently, I was forced to hide in a cave as the horde approached. I found it was a Rat Cave, however I had had time to make basic armour and such, and so decided to try my hand at it.

Killing all the rats on the first floor wasn’t too hard, then I went to the second floor. I knew the Rat King could mutate you, but i didnt realise it happened so fast… according to the wiki, I should be required to stay until I am vomiting repeatedly in order to have good odds of mutation. Instead, I started mutation rapidly and repeatedly almost immediately. I believe my first mutation occured less than 10 steps in to the second floor. Is this meant to occur now? It seems… rather more risky than I remember…

Same thing happened to me, I just chalked it up to scary mutant rat powers and then enjoyed the power of Robust Genetics.

All Hail the Rat King!


Ohgodwut, now we know what inspired this…thing.

Ya gotta bum-rush the rat king, or else you’ll never get to be a nutcracker.

Sadly, I had no torch batteries left, so I was stubbling around in the dark looking for the Rat King.

Lucky, I had robust genetics, and the Ratting gave me Nightvision after a short while. Then I found the rat king and beat him to death with the nice sharp combat knife I found in his cave.

So yeah. Total loot for all that? One shiny combat knife, a suit of light power armour (!) and about 6 mutations. Sadly, I ran into a Hulk shortly after leaving the cave, and got splattered across several trees, but hey. You win some, you lose some.