Random torso pain & damaged bandages?

I’m sitting in a house, recovering from somehow breaking both my legs smashing a corpse…and my torso is taking a LOT of random damage, I slapped some bandages on it, and I get messages that the bandages have been damaged…what the heck is going on and what do I do about it???

I think there was a bug that had something to do with heat calculations causing random damage. Try updating your game. I’m pretty sure someone fixed it.

Though I don’t think it would normally damage bandages as well so who knows?

Yea I found it pretty weird; it was definitely happening faster when I was “warm”, but has happened while “comfortable” too…

Yeah it caused a lot of confusion for a while. Did updating fix it then?

It did not, I’m used to getting an ftp screen when downloading releases, but I grabbed what’s now available from the experimental releases page, and I’m not sure if it’s really a new version or not, as I didn’t note the letters and numbers after 2518 (which I thought was an older version? thought this was 8897)

“Your torso hurts!” … just randomly. Frustrating.

So it definitely happens shortly after putting on a blanket, I’m still chilly, but my chest is warm, and it is slowly killing me, for quite awhile after taking it off too, it’s pretty ridiculous! This is the latest experimental build I could download under 8897 on the releases page.