I need help with a error code

every time I load my save on the newest build it displays this error and kicks me to the title screen
src/main_menu.cpp:1146 [bool main_menu::load_character_tab(bool)] Error: Invalid enum string ‘fire’ for ‘11damage_type’
can someone help

I would like to, but I can’t help you, because:

  • I don’t know the version; “newest build” is always relative. Newest experimental? Newest stable? Newest in the launcher (which sometimes is older and - weirdly enough - sometimes newer than the newest available build)?
  • I don’t know which operating system you’re running it on. Windows/Mac/Linux? Android?
  • It might get caused by a mod? Maybe not? I can’t tell for sure, as I don’t know what mods you’re using (if any).

Also, this sounds like (part of) this error

It started happening on experimental build #10915 and beyond the mods I am using are
Arcana and Magic items (which I think is the culprit)
Blaze Industries
C.R.I.T Expansion
Alternative Map Key
Mythical Martial Arts
No Rail Stations
Graphical Overmap
Disable NPC Needs
Stat through Skills
It does sound like it’s part of the error you mention and I am on Windows

Indeed, I’ve tested through all the others and it runs fine without arcana but stops with it.
I’ll see if I can find a quick fix for it.

Edit: Alright, here’s the fix.
Open each of the files listed below. Search for "damage_type": "fire", replace with "damage_type": "heat" in…:
data\mods\Arcana\spells\spells_aftermath.json (2 entries)

After that, go to the file data\mods\Arcana\spells\spells_arcane_blessings.json, search for "damage_type": "bio", replace with "damage_type": "biological".

That should fix the errors.

@Valase thanks, sorry for the lack of details, I’ll try to include them in the future. I fixed Arcana, and every other mod I have on the side. However as I put in another post, Vamp Stuff /+Arcana changes don’t seem to be being respected by the game despite no file having those wrong damage types anymore. Though it has no trouble with the same edits that I made to Arcana alone. Frustrating.