Crash to desktop, with error message;

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::out_of_range' what(): basic_string::substr

Can’t play this save anymore apparently, the game loads fine but as soon as I try to move my character it crashes instantly. I’m on Ubuntu, this message appears in the terminal. Playing experimental Version: 3B3D6F5 with a bunch of mods…

Is this save recoverable?

On Ubuntu, it should be pretty easy to build the game on your own. You could then give us a full backtrace, which would most likely allow us to fix the bug.
Unless it’s actually a corrupted save, in which case it may be unrecoverable.

The message itself doesn’t say much.

Console or tiles? Fresh worlds crash or not? Any NPCs nearby? Are they told to pick items up? Can you tell them not to and see if it still crashes?

Tiles. Fresh world, maybe a week or less in. NPC nearby being told to pick stuff up. I’ll tell her to cut that shit out and report back.

Removing all autopickup rules seems to have fixed the problem. They weren’t even working anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you still have the save? Can you drop it somewhere with reliable instructions on how to reproduce the crash?