Random NPCs does not spawn at all in 0.E-2 - but they do in 0.D


In version 0.D when i made “NPC SPAWN RATE” at 100 - i was able to find out A LOT of NPC’s so I could recruit them to my team.

Problem is that with version 0.E-2 on Windows I don’t meet any random NPC - despite enabling them in menu and trying diffrent spawn rates up to 100(!).

I am aware of code changes that made NPC to spawn further than in 0.D - bo no matter how much I explore with binoculars - I never met any other random NPC.
This is very frustrating as I choose “Career politician” (for high speech skill) as my main character.

My current character is at turn 8.7M, day 41, 103 kills, distance walked: 131k squres.
Settings: “static NPC” true, “Starting NPC” always, “Random NPCs” true.

How to make them spawn? I’m playing default game without any extra mods - just with tiny and rare cities.

Well, in an attempt to answer your (valid) question I was trying to verify different solutions…
However, in the meantime, you made an other post in an other topic which - in my opinion - is hateful. I explain this to you closer in a private message.

This actually made me stop testing out the solutions and actually also almost prevented me from posting an answer at all, as I don’t like to help toxic people out.
I decided against withholding my post, in favor for uninvolved third parties who search the web for an answer and stumble upon this post.

The short answers are:

  • It’s not a problem in experimental. Play that or wait for a new stable version.
  • In the experimental version they tend to move (spawn) near “safe” spots. There’s a list on the forum what’s considered a “safe spot”.

i mean, i definitely have found people on the side of the road in the newest experimental, as well as hostile npc’s in town, so they exist… y’just gotta go looking for them.