New default random npc spawn rate

I want to talk about random npc spawn rate.

“1.0” supposed to be default setting that gives normal gameplay. But now it is definetely don’t geve normal feeling to player. With “1.0” you will see roughly one npc per day. It is way to much for apocalypse.

And it is not only my opinion:
There was a poll:

Also I see that some youtubers who play cataclysm reduce that value too.

I understand that current version of NPC spawning alghoritm somewhat restricted. But I give easy way to correct the issue - just change default value to random nc spawn rate to at least give players right feeling. At least for now.

So the main qustion what: the default random npc spawn rate should be?

Please select answer closer to your preferable value. Posts with explanation will be very useful too.

Finally I am planning to add issue on github with recomendation to change default value using results of this poll.

I set it to 0.1 at first, and found that even a bit to high. So I totally support changing it (0.1 is fine).

Just a note, I think CDDA is not run as a democracy. So arguments are more important than just a poll. And arguments by trusted devs are even higher valued. (As you will need to convince the people who implement it that it is important).

NPC spawns are essentially placeholders for factions. When -if- they ever come into fruition, npc factions will force down the random npc spawns to a healthy level.

Added option “0.1” to poll.