Random micro faction ideas

Sometimes I feel like the world is kinda lifeless. Immense chaos has broken out two weeks ago and there should still be a good amount of survivors. However, this can be used fairly well to demonstrate that most will die.

The Zombie Hunters

Ever saw those spinning blade traps on the street? They are the ones who made it. It was already super risky deploying it there and they probably inhabit a fortified house in the city. Due to staying in the city and wanting to clear it out, they will quite probably not last long, but might have a couple of quests for you if they manage to survive. You will probably just find their corpses in their hideouts and the hideout will have some plans and supplies.

The Lost

Not really a tiny faction, but the lore document states that some people affected by blob psychosis will fight a horde with a stick. These ones are ordinary creatures, not npcs, which are hostile to zombies and rare-ish. They might also shout stuff like “Die zombie scum!”. Eventually they will turn feral if not killed. This should breathe some life into the cities as you still see struggling of humans.

Can also have subtypes such as panicked people running away or ones who just dont move at all and stare into the void, waiting to be eaten alive.

The Preppers

They did not have a LMOE shelter but grabbed their bugout bag and made a little camp. You can already see zombified prepper “camps”. Would mostly just trade, give tips and share info about interesting locations.

The Last Unit

Fortified a police station and still waiting for help from neighboring states and counties, these ones even have criminals (or even ferals) locked up in their holding cells. Obviously, they wont get far with that attitude.
Police departments or single stations are usually within a city, so they will get overwhelmed fast. Same as with the zombie hunters, they might have some basic quests for you.

This island prison faction could be enemies and have a quest to free their mates.

The Refugees

Trying to escape, these ones have made a rudimentary camp on a road somewhere. Not well eqipped and potentially sick and already bitten, they try to reach the refugee center. Not unique.

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For those straggling survivors to work properly, the spawning logic would have to depend on the time such that “The Lost” won’t be spawned anymore after about a week, or two at a maximum. That might be worked around if they can be “evolved” into ferals/zombies after that time.

With the current spawning mechanism, things are spawned at the time of realization, and I don’t think there is much support for evolving that beyond creature “evolution”.

I would expect Zombie Hunter bases to either (most likely) be deserted as its members got killed outside of the base, with an occasional base having a very small number of zombies (those that were bitten, crawled back, and weren’t killed again by their mates when they turned), or survivors that ought to improve the base over time (a very small percentage). If they had caught on sufficiently to start to hunt zombies, they probably wouldn’t be caught by one of their own turning and not putting it down.