Love MREs

just saying , i love the things like MREs and the new survival in a can , where you disassemble something and you get shit like that , would love to expand that system by adding things like weapon crates and more food things to dissassemble
wierd i know, but hey , whatever

I hate AND love MREs in the game! :smiley:
I hate the clutter but MREs make fantastic rations, assuming it’s The Right type. The flavors have different enjoyment values.

Gun crates exist but I assume not in the way you’d like? I think if we had proper disassemblable gun crates, they would all just contain multiple copies of the same gun.

Don’t forget that we already have go-bags that contain a ton of gear.

I guess we could have some kind of gun kits, that contain a gun, an empty mag, some ammo (full mag amount), and accessories? Think of like a fully pimped out M4, sitting in a gun safe somewhere.

Incidentally, none of the firearms found ever have any accessories, nor are they ever pre-accurized.

What sort of kits could there be then?

  • Underwear sets in clothing stores. Long top and long bottom. Wrapped in plastic.
  • 5 pairs of clean sports socks (fits), wrapped in plastic. Discount stuff but exactly YOUR size.
  • 2 pairs of clean hiking socks (fits). Pre-reinforced.
  • A kitchen knife set. Butcher’s knife, steak knife, butter knife.
  • Jumbo candy bag. A ton of mixed candy.
  • A hermetically sealed metal container of Eastern Bloc ammo, 7.62x39. 500 rounds? Heavy af. (I don’t know how much ammo they usually contain).
  • A… stack of untouched ammo crates? Weighs a ton. Several actually. Practically immovable. Oh no… The primers have gone bad! Still, that’s a lot of casings and gunpowder.
  • A full diver’s kit. Neoprene swimming suit, diving mask, full air tank, diver’s watch… the whole shebang.
  • Someone’s suitcase. Random clothes. A shaving kit. Deodorant. Soap. Ho-hum.
  • A survivalist’s backbag. Map (with stash locations), compass, survival knife, matches, fishing line, tarp, beef jerky, water purification pills…
  • A large box of canned food. Heavy af. 200 cans. (too OP? although relying on them alone might cause vitamin deficiencies)
  • A flashlight kit. A flashlight with some extra batteries (400).

scissor pack, you need tool with cutting 1 or better to open this (joke)

actualy i think we have homefrontier starter pack what contained shotgun, low lvl gun book and few rounds adding different types of packs like this sounds nice, package with gun, firearm handbook and some ammo (and magazines) sounds like interesing birthday gift in 2050 america

pack of socks or other underwear sounds realistic, i commonly see them in real life in shops

Jumbo candy bag? IRL in grocery stores i can find bags of random sweet things, they commonly apear in shops during authum, winter and spring so there is high chance that shops had them just before cataclysm

actualy most of these ideas can be implemented with simple json editing and modding

Bundle of Sticks
volume 45, weight 17kg
Turns into 10x heavy sticks and long string.
Also craftable, 5 minutes, 0 skill level.
Found in camping areas, wood huts, farms and such.

volume 1, weight 0.1
Turns into 1-7 equal numbered batches of upto 4 random prescription/pain medications/vitamins and a plastic bowl
Found in medical and nursing themed buildings and sometimes in houses. Basically a minor medication lootbox :slight_smile:

Sealed post package (small, medium, large)
Small one is for items of 0-5 in volume, medium is for upto 5-15 and large for 10-40 + cardboard box
Basically a random lootbox with heavy emphasis on basic clothing. some chances for electronics,books, non-spoilable food/drinks and little chance for something totally random. Found in post offices (if ever added) and especially at logistic centers (if added) and occassionally as sole items on back of cargo trucks.

Recycled clothes bag
Turns into 3-6 clothing items in various damage levels (33% chance of being totally ok) and 33% chance of being filthy + plastic bag, might also contain sheets, rags and leather patches. Found sometimes on trashcans, in secondhand shops and recycling center type things.

Glad i’m not the only one who likes this
Gotta say though , i love the gun crate idea , a crate with a gun , say an M4A1 , a couple magazines , two magazines worth of ammo and some random attachments like a sight or underbarrel shotgun and some ammo for it
bonus points if you obtain said gun crate by smashing or dissassembling a couch or a bad in a house with the gun basement (+1 point if you get the refrence)