LMOE shelter boxes

I’m currently in the underground section of an LMOE shelter, and you know all those crates? They say “smashable” but I’ve been wailing on them for 10 minutes now with 9 strength and can’t get the 3 in the back. Popping them open doesn’t work.

bashing them with an item that has a high bash damage helps. Try opening them like you would a door. Apart from that it is unclear how much str you need. Could be impossible. Sorry about that.

Use a crowbar.

I’m pretty sure I’ve broken open crates with 10 Str and a decent bashing weapon. And I know for sure that I’ve smashed crates under somecircumstances.

Use a crowbar, and yeah, I can confirm that they’re smashable (at least if they’re the same as the ones in FEMA camps).

I can break them with a nail board or so in under 100 hits. 9 str

Personally, I disassemble the crates, in the same way that I might any piece of furniture.

disassemble works faster. but even if you have 12 str, bashing a window with a plastic wrapper takes forever. use a solid item (hammer, crowbar, rock even) and if you already are, disassemble.

I just found out that you can take everything out of a sealed crate using the advanced inventory management. :slight_smile:

Dr Noid enjoy it while it lasts:


This has been fixed now.