Quilt not providing sleep warmth

The patchwork quilt is not being a ‘warmth provider’ while being in the same space sleeping like a normal blanket, any chance of getting it fixed? Or is nobody doing fixes/updates on Aftershock anymore?

Hi there,
If you are seeing any quilts, patchwork or otherwise in Aftershock then you are using an out of repo version of the mod and amusingly not the version that comes packaged with every download of C:DDA.

Below is the only json for quilts in supported versions of Aftershock and as you can see it’s migrating them to a vanilla item.

“id”: [ “afs_quilt” ],
“type”: “MIGRATION”,
“replace”: “quilt”
“id”: [ “afs_quilt_patchwork” ],
“type”: “MIGRATION”,
“replace”: “quilt_patchwork”

I’m using the one that got downloaded with the Catapult launcher because the other launcher completely fails to work at all on my computer now.

But apparently, I’m not actually using Aftershock…I thought they only got added by Aftershock…my bad.