Quick trait information dichotomy

I’ve been repeatedly told by many sources and other people that Quick makes everything generally faster. Since so many have confirmed this to be true, I took it to heart and thus felt that it’s a powerful trait to begin with.
Many months later, I decided to test it, here is what I found:

With and without Quick:
Movement costs are the same
Book reading times are the same
Attack movement costs are the same
Crafting times are the same
Eating times are the same

Having found this in 0.C 34995 (build 8255), is there something I’m missing entirely? It feels to me that, Quick costing 3 points, does absolutely nothing. Please prove me wrong

I don’t think it makes actions cause less movement points, but I’m pretty sure it increases the amount of action points you get each turn.


Giving it some thought then, suppose I had 100 speed and movement cost me 100 as well. then that would take 1 turn. But, with Quick, i’d have 110 speed,but movement still costing 100. Does that mean then that I spend 10/11 of a turn instead and that essentially every 10 turns, I get a free action? (so to speak)