Quick Question

I’m writing a story about one of my characters in-game (http://smf.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?topic=9580.0), and I need to change my traits to fit with the story, as it involves learning to read (Character is illiterate), but every time i try to change that, the game doesn’t see the change. Any way i could fix this? It’s REALLY important to my story, and that’s the only reason I ask.

Have you tried using the mutate option in the debug menu?

I Really don’t want to use the mutation thing in the debug menu, because I have NO CLUE how the mutation thing works, and besides; if i use a purifier, I have a chance of “forgetting” how to read.

Illiterate can’t be purified as it’s starting-only. Therefore purifier would try to set you to it.

Debug menu would be debug->9->select Illiterate->hit Enter until the T disappears. At that point, BAM you’ve disabled it.

I didn’t realize i could purge the effects, and thought i could only mutate things like fast reader, etc. :stuck_out_tongue: