Quick Drop Damages Items

Hello all, I know the idea of a quick drop system has been kicked around because some of the community agrees the time it takes to drop things is a little unrealistic, I just thought id add my 2 cents to making it more realistic and ( Possibly ) more of a reason to put it in game

A quick drop is obviously droping something quicker than normal, I think it should damage the items droped depending on the item, like a laptop might get completely crushed or a cellphone would be also very vulnerable.

I think this could add more realism and a gamble to droping items when your life depends on it.

I also think this would mean that the time it takes to drop things now, would make more sense, because your carefully placing them

It’s less about dropping them and more about extracting them from wherever you have them stashed, and if you for example drop a worn backpack and items with volume less than or equal to the storage space of the backpack, it only counts the time needed to take off and drop the backpack.

The assumption is that you have stuff randomly stashed all over you or even worse buried in a bag, so ti takes a few seconds for each item. (unless the above “dump storage along with its contents” exception kicks in)

This does make sense, will dump the storage item along with its components be implemented or am I to ignorant to notice it in game already, I really like the idea, much more realistic than mine

it’s in right now, probably needs a message to inform people of it.

I agree, I cannot even seem to find it in my game, I searched the controls in game. Im sure the community would be very grateful for a quick tutorial on it

I am on experimental