Make Dropping Things interruptable

If you drop a lot of things, it can take quite some turns. Besides that I didn’t found any documentation how the time is computed (by volume/item count/weight?), I had multiple characters (almost) die because I dropped a lot of loot at the same time, jsut now giving a zombear 30 turns time to come into view and kill me while I dropped 2 books, 5 gallons bleach and some other things.

Dragging things around (as in put things in advanced inventory from x->y, none of it the inventory) doesn’t cost any time, though, which I think isn’t really overpowered (what can you accomplish with it), but it is a huge contrast.

Yes pls i had lots of similiar events happen to me which is why i tend to be very cautious about droping many items at once.
if its not made interuptable at least give an estimate of how long it ll take if it exceeds say 2 turns so i can consider whether i realy want to drop so much stuff with the next z just 12 tiles away .