Quests. Char limit

I’m curious, having been doing quests with my lategame decked out character for a few weeks now I’m wondering how much development is currently going to fleshing out quest and quest givers. I feel like the world of cataclysm has huge potential to fill up it’s lategame with interesting quests, particularly the doctor’s lab quest at the refugee center was a particularly interesting plot that just kind of… ended out of the blue after I collected some train data. I was really enjoying that expanding narrative so it’s a shame it ends like that. No conclusion or anything, just poof. I’ve only got one quest giver left in the center and I’m not sure what I’ll do with my lategame self after aside from finding a vault and perhaps finally surviving to the bottom.

So aside from the refugee center quests is there anywhere else to get more quests givers?

Random NPCs give quests.
The Old Guard Rep, Old Guard Rep, and Free Merchants speaker give quests at the Evac Center.
The Old Guard Captain and Old Guard Comms Guy give quests at the Necropolis.
The Ranch Foreman, Ranch Scavenger leader, Ranch Nurse, and Ranch Bartender (I think) give quests at the Tacoma Commune.

You’re welcome to write more missions/quests: fetch quests and kill monster quests can be done entirely in JSON at this point. See The Guide for 1st Time Modders, especially the sections on NPCs and missions.


Oh this guide looks pretty useful. Was already looking to mod in some amputee starting classes for challenges, this should help with both making those and some expanded quests.

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