Doctor questline abrupt end

While going through the questline for the doctor in the refugee camp, she kept asking me to download various data packages from labs, with the final one being the routing schedule for the subways, leaving off with her trying to figure out what they wer doing down there based off of cargo shipments. However that was the last quest she was willing to give. This seems a rather abrupt end to the questline, and it feels like there should be one or two more quests or something. Was there supposed to be a final quest that just didn’t fire for some reason? Has the final quest(s) just not been implemented yet? Are there other conditions that are supposed happen, or need to be met before she’ll give more quests? Or is the end of this line intended to be that abrupt?

Or was there missing dialogue? Like with the old guard guy who tells me that there’s a military squad set up somewhere nearby that might need my help, giving me at least a pointer towards another related quest chain.


Unfortunately at present you’ve hit the end of the current quest chain. Further quests haven’t been implemented yet, as storyline has taken a back seat until the current mechanics being tweaked are finalized and a stable release is made.